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She is on Fire

Today I have a very special boudoir blog post for you. It features Ms. A, a badass Harley riding goddess she just radiated. This woman was an absolute pleasure to photograph. As you can see, she is absolutely gorgeous.

She found me on Facebook and reached out last year but with everything going on we had to wait a bit until it was safe to get together. She was a little nervous coming in but was super excited to do this session for herself. Her hair and makeup were done by my team Joana and Tanya, who did an amazing job.

Once she was finished getting pampered and perfected, we began the shoot. She brought several changes of clothing for the session and we sorted through them and I helped her pick the best outfits for her session.

We talked beforehand, and decided to go for a darker badass motorcycle vibe for the session. I definitely think we were able to capture that!

She said, “I was nervous coming in but am so glad I did this session. This is something you need to do for yourself.”

I'm stoked she had such a positive experience because that is what I strive for every session!

She is killing me with these Marilyn Monroe vibes.

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