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  • jaz912

Moitié Lashes

Many of my clients have mentioned that they love having full lashes for their photo session, but they aren't skilled enough to apply themselves. I must admit I am in the same boat! While I love how a full set looks, I always am the girl who can't get them on just right. I end up with one corner of the lash sticking up and looking ridiculous. I really for the life of me don't know what I am doing wrong. I decided to venture down the road of other lash modifications, and I got a lift and tint. Shout out to my girl Doe in Rockwall, Tx @ Bashful Beauty because AMAZING!!! Sadly I have moved to MA, and no one can get my lashes to stay curled; they fall pretty much the next day. I think it has to be something to do with the environment up here because I have been to several different locations, and they always fell.

I decided to take the leap and get lash extensions even though I was nervous because my eyes are super sensitive, and I felt like it wouldn't be a great fit for me, and I was right. While they looked pretty, they felt uncomfortable. They felt heavy and awkward on my eyes, and all in all, I just wasn't a fan. Soooo what can I do to get big lashes? I saw an ad for Moitié

lashes; they are magnetic, so that would take care of the glue problem. I figured what the heck? I'll give them a try. I ordered a pair, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked. They look fantastic and stay on well. I ran into an issue and lost a piece of the lashes, and when I reached out to them because they advertise as being able to withstand wind, I was sad naturally. They responded super quick, offered to replace my lashes with a new set, and offered to have a video session to make sure I am putting the lashes on correctly. Wow!! Talk about going above and beyond. I am super happy with the lashes, the customer service, and the overall experience with this company. Ten stars!!! I can't recommend them enough.


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