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  • Jaz Levario

If you do something for yourself this year, let it be this

When most people think of boudoir they think of sexy photos FOR their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife but rarely do they think "I'm going to do a session for me".

But this is the craziest way of thinking. A boudoir session is so intimate and JUST for you in so many ways. It empowers you and moves you to emotions that no other photography does. I have never had any of my other clients from portrait sessions or weddings cry when they saw their pictures or tell me how they saw themselves as beautiful for the first time. None of my other clients have told me about how they have battled with their self image for years and now feel confident, empowered or strong.

No other session have I had a client say "I didn't know I could feel this way about myself" or "I can't believe this is me in the photos" So you see this session is more for you than you know. But you know what it empowers me too. It makes me beam with pride and joy to see the confidence reflect in your eyes. Anyone can tell you, you are beautiful and most of us shrug it off and don't believe it but I get the privilege to show you!

That is where the magic is at, that is why I love what I do.

Make-up & hair by Luisa Carrillo:

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