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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about boudoir photography? We bet it’s women in seductive poses and sensual lingerie. What about a guy? How is it done without looking silly and cheesy? Don't get me wrong I love the funny Men-up poses as much as the next person but I believe boudoir for men can be just as sexy. It is done a little bit less frequently, since there isn’t a multitude of boudoir photographers who can produce mesmerizing and fetching photo images of this kind.

And when it comes to gay boudoir photography, there is only a teeny-tiny fraction photographers who do it. It takes knowing your client in order to be able to show a true refection of them with all the beauty, quirks, heartache and love that makes them who they are.

Boudoir is a journey of self exploration. And whether you are gay, straight, bi, trans boudoir is for YOU. I will pose you in the best way to reflect your natural beauty. Let's create something sexy.

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