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  • Jaz Levario

Exist in Photos

When you look around your house at family photos or on your cell phone what do you see? Are you in any of those photos or are the only photos with you or your kids selfies? While selfies are great is that the only legacy your leaving your kids? You need to tell the world your story because it's not about you it's about the person who will look back on that photo in 20 years and cherish those memories.

I hadn't taken a professional photo with my mom and sister since I was in high school, I'm 38 now!! That's 20 years! It's crazy to think so much time passed before we got back in front of the camera but I'm glad I finally pulled them in for a session. This is something that really hits home for me because when we are gone all that is left are the photos and the memories.

It's time to stop making excuses about not having time or needing to lose weight first. You are perfect the way you are and it's time to make time.

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