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  • Jaz Levario

What is Boudoir

You are probably hearing this word thrown around lately. It is the latest in boutique photography and is starting to get plenty of attention but and we photographers are glad it is finally taking off and being appreciated but the truth is it isn’t new and many of us, myself included have been shooting boudoir for years. So what is it?

Boudoir – pronounced bŏo dwăawr comes from late 18th century French word and is translated as – a woman’s bedroom or a private sitting room. Boudoir photography usually takes place in a bedroom or a hotel room. Some place intimate to create images that can be soft and romantic. Or a little more daring and be sexy, sensual, or naughty. Regardless of the setting the main focus of boudoir photography is to capture you at your most flattering and beautiful, by helping you choose the right lingerie to flatter your body type and guiding you through the poses that highlight your body.

Who should do boudoir?

It really is for everyone, I have men and women come in to create a unique gift for that special someone.

Come in just for you, weather you need a confidence boost, desire a day of pampering with a personal make-up artist and hairstylist for a fun girls day away from the kids, or you want to embrace the sexy person you are now.

You and your honey want to do something exciting and sexy together, come in for a couples session.

Whoever you are and whatever your style boudoir has a little something for everyone and something you should try.

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