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  • Jaz Levario

What's in a name

I’ve been asked several times, Why the name Moxie Rose? So here is the low down on why I chose this name.

Moxie means force of character, determination, courage, someone with a fighting spirit. It used to be a common phrase and I’m sad it didn’t stick around. It has been said that a boxer had Moxie if he got knocked down and came back fighting.

In life we all need a little Moxie, because for most of us this ride isn’t easy we are faced with the various ups and downs. Faced with those moments that make us want to throw in the towel at work or school or in our relationship. We have been faced with devastating heart break that we thought there was no recovering from. Or the loss of a loved one that rocked us to the core and brought us to our knees.

It takes Moxie to not give up. To be down and feel completely alone and to tell yourself to get up ONE more time, to stay in the fight. If you get knocked down 3 times then get up 4. Success isn’t easy it takes grit and determination, it takes Moxie to stay in the fight when it seems odds are against you.

Everyone one of my clients has a story a journey of strength, determination and perseverance and all I can say is “Damn, that girl has got Moxie.”

Rose because roses are beautiful, sweet and a little dangerous just like every woman. ha ha

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