The Boudoir Experience

Moxie Rose Photography


First things first, reach out to me to get more information and to discuss a plan. I'll send over my Dream Shoot Planner so you can get an idea of what the day will be like.

pre-session guidance

I'll send over lots of helpful information on what to wear, where to shop, what to pack and even little things to remember the day of. 

arriving at the studio

When you arrive at the studio you will get a chance to meet my wonderful hair and make-up team. I will give you a little tour of the space and lay out the outfits you have brought!

Tip: If you’re unsure on how to decide, bring a suitcase full of your favorites! We’ll go through them together and choose the top 3 outfits for our session!

Remember, you don’t have to shoot in lingerie! Bring what makes you feel sexy.

Moxie Rose Photography

hair & make-up

My hair stylist and Make-up artist are here for you and will be ready to pamper you! If you have any ideas on a specific makeup look or hair style they can make it happen!

your boudoir session

I know it can be a little scary at first, but don't worry I got you! I’m going to guide you through each pose all the way down to your fingertips! I know all the most flattering angles, poses, and lighting. After the first couple of shots, you’ll relax and start having fun!

viewing your images

There’s no waiting, wondering, or worrying about how your images came out. You are going to be able to view your gorgeous photos the very same day! Immediately after our session, we will take a short break where I will sort through your photos and get rid of all the duplicates, and then we will select your favorite images for your book or wall art together!